Sunday, October 18, 2009


نمي دونم چرا احساس مي کنم
يه عده حقوق ماهيانه مي گيرن
که فقط تو رو بدزدن ازم

they'll try
they'll try
they'll try
to keep us apart!
(grizzly bear-i live with you)


Maïlys said...

waow, cool banner!! love it! and the last post too

reza-riahi said...

merci beaucoup mailys :)
a propos
i wish i could translate that phrases in french for you.!
mais i can't yet
untill i improve that!

the lighthouse keeper said...

merci beaucoup Reza :))
(for the lighthouse keeper pictures, I printed my images made with Photoshop, and I photographed them with a light down, and i finished them with photoshop too :)

reza-riahi said...

je vous en prie mailys!
quell bon ideeeeee
c'est tres tres tres bien

Jojo said...

Wow really nice works here!

reza-riahi said...

c'est gentil a vous ;)

Amanieu Rebu said...

Nice work man! by the way, welcome on Pineapple Beach ;)

reza-riahi said...

thanks man
thanks again man :D
hope meet you in emca ;)