Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dis A A A


Fatemeh said...

Hmmm ... How can you explain this one? In my opinion, It has such a vast meaning that can involve all of the following:

1.Revolution , 2. Big Brother!(lool)3.Spy(Especially the guy with hands free in his ears, Actually not because of the hands free but the image of eagle in his mind(Its also depends,whether its an eagle or a raven or what?)5.Maybe he has neurosis. Why he is silent among the crowd? 6.Is he a philosopher? You know he`s head and shoulder above others! 7.He is the black sheep of family? 8.He wants to swim against the tide? 9.He only keep up appearance? 10.He`s washed his hands of people around him? 11.He is so arrogant and he looks down on everybody? 12.He is trying to sweep sth under the carpet?

I am at my wit`s end with it!

Well, I think I find a unique idea to write a short story because of this guy and all people surrounded him!

Anyway,thanks for sharing :)

Reza-Riahi said...

well thx fateme , i don know what to say , what to add ,
good luck with the story :)